My (Hilariously) Funny Valentine

I don’t know if y’all have met my valentine, because, and I’m not trying to BRAG or anything, but…he’s pretty internet famous. I mean, his hit single “Not A Virgin” has been featured on TWO blogs with the word “feminist” in it: Feministe and Feministing. AND Jaclyn Friedman tweeted about him. That’s right, he is on the Twitters. I am not even kidding.

So to celebrate his amazingness, I made him a poster. And now here is all his amazingness in video form:

About the Poster: The image is from a photo taken by Jing Jin (she has a lot of photo blogs, but that is one to get you started). The typeface is an open source typeface called Ostrich Sans by Tyler Finck distributed by The League of Movable Type.


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