Quotables: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

So I have already stumbled in my efforts to post everyday. I have been trying to figure out smaller (but still challenging) project ideas for posters that can help me attain the goal of posting everyday even when I don’t have a big idea. I have some series ideas, one which (like this poster) utilizes quotes that I particularly like and turn them into posters. I kind of wish I was a little more inspired for this one because, as is, it’s not super interesting. I was struggling with it yesterday and got frustrated. Which is why I lost a day.

I really like looking for quotes and, since I haven’t hit any big inspirations for a longer written piece, I might do a bunch of these. Or maybe I’ll do something else.

This wasn’t a quote that I “found” like a lot of my quotes (which usually consists of me doing a google search and then puttering around). This particular quote is just something that I’ve always really liked. It also happens to be from one of three favorite books of all time. I don’t know how well it fairs out of context. Whether it’s still powerful outside of the book or not, I would recommend this book to everyone. Well, if reading is one of those things that you do.

About the Poster:  The typeface is called Raleway by Matt McInerney except for the periods which are just vector circles. The typeface is open source and distributed via The League of Moveable Type.


4 thoughts on “Quotables: The God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

  1. I think this is powerful outside of the context of the book! Mostly because I’ve never read this book but I’ve seen this quote before and I really like it 🙂 Also I think the simplicity of it lends itself really well to the text. Which is arranged beautifully.

    Also I think it would be cool if you did some posters inspired by circus sideshow posters. Yeahhhhh.
    I mean, you can do whatever you want of course, but if you’re strapped for ideassssssss you should skype me and I will inspire you. Or strip for you.

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