Another Reflection on Ladybits

I know, I know. I have been neglecting you all. Not because I haven’t been working on a poster. Mostly because the poster that I had been working was frustrating me. It was complicated and long-term and I realized about half-way that there was a Photoshop tool that I should have used instead of the one I did to get the effect that I wanted and there were multiple images and it was just driving me crazy. So I am putting that aside for now. Not to say that I have a million brilliant ideas to replace it. My whole life is filled with physical exhaustion and that is part of the reason I am having trouble finishing the big project as well.

My poster today does not make much sense out of context. The long-term project that I just shelved was about penises. Maybe that’s why I wanted to make a poster about vaginas? Probably not. Mostly I just wanted to talk about this video:

I just could not enumerate the ways in which this commercial is ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS. Instead, I am offering you, dear readers, a once in a lifetime deal. What is usually valued at One Seven Wonder or the First-Born Chosen One Baptized in the Moonlight can be yours for the low-low price of a horse (to fall off of) or its equivalent. That’s right individuals and individuals, I am selling my vagina. AND THAT IS NOT ALL. If you act now, I’ll even throw in my uterus.

In other news, I was perusing the internets, as is my wont, and I happened to stumble across the book Let’s Panic About Babies. And then I thought, with all the effort I put into panicking about potential babies, maybe I should read this book to get an even better idea of what I should panic about. Maybe that’s a bad idea. Maybe I should panic about not knowing what to panic about.

About the Poster: The stereotypical advertisement ladycurves were drawn by me in Adobe Illustrator. The typefaces used include Scriptina by Apostrophic Labs, Raleway by Matt McInerney, and Spatha Sans by Fernando Carvente.


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