Benedict Cumbergifs

Hallo again! I have decided to revive this for the summer. You may have noticed a change to the header. Well, I have gotten a lot of shit over the title of the blog, even though I keep explaining to everyone that the title is more of a goal than an accurate representation of the blog…but I guess I’ll change it for the literalists out there…ugh

So I’ve been spending my time avoiding the real stuff that I actually have to do being a fully functioning human being immersed in Sherlock fandom. Mostly by going through Benedict Cumbergifs. To pass the time even further, I decided to make some of my own. So I haven’t really made any posters today. Just gifs.


Benedict Cumbergif 1

Here is a shorter version of the above:

Benedict Cumbergif 1.5

And here is what I believe to be the only appropriate response:

Benedict Cumbergif 2

Loves and ta!

About the Gifs: Images from Wikimedia Commons. (Also, my juvenalia requires me to point out that the photo of the day is essentially butts. Luls.) Engravers MT is the typeface in the first two gifs. Helvetica for the last one.


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