Making Times New Roman Sexy


So I play this little design game every once in a while with fonts. Basically the rules of the game are, if I can make Times New Roman (or any other generic font) sexy, I win. This also works with Helvetica, because let’s be real. Helvetica, because it is so ubiquitous, is kind of boring. I will let y’all decide whether I’ve succeeded or not.

Continuing my Sherlock kick, which has been a great source of inspiration as you might have noticed. Previously, I tried not to do too much fandom stuff because I really don’t have the rights to the pictures, but to hell with that! I realize that my favorite characters routinely spout things like the quote in the poster today. They’re all “I’m fighting for good and stuff, but that doesn’t mean I won’t do terrible things in the name of good and stuff!” See also: The Doctor, re: Doctor Who.

This post could alternatively been titled “Exercises in Wedding Invitation Design.”

Disclaimer: One of the images for this poster is a screenshot from Sherlock, the BBC show. I don’t really have any rights to it.

About the Poster: Other images used were all from Wikimedia Commons, including a photograph taken by M62 and a drawing by W. Ramsay Smith and J S Newell. The typeface used was good ole Times New Roman.


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