Animating Socialism

I animated it. Because it was necessary.

Disclaimer: The image is a screenshot from Downton Abbey. I have no rights.


Quotables: Lauren Berlant

I left my copy of Cruel Optimism at school. I am mourning by making a poster out of a quote. Does this quote make sense out of context? Maybe the better question would be, does this quote make sense in context? The answer to both questions may or may not be “no.”

Doesn’t matter. She’s still amazing.

About the Poster: The typeface is Ostrich Sans.

The Lonely King

Like I said here, I finally got around to trying to figure out a wallpaper version of this. I changed the color scheme and the photo style a little bit too.

Disclaimer: The image is a screenshot from the BBC show Sherlock. I have no rights to it.

About the Poster: The typefaces are, once again, Times New Roman and Helvetica Neue.

The Lady Violet

EDIT: I’ve gotten some crap from my friends on my spelling of “drole.” It isn’t French elitism, I swear. I just really hate the English spelling so I choose not to use it.

Sorry for the lateness. I was watching Downton Abbey with my mommy. Anyways, a Downton inspired post for today. The Dowager Countess is sometimes the best.

Disclaimer: The image is from a screenshot from Downton Abbey. I have no rights to it.

About the Poster: The typeface is Helvetica Neue.

Controlling Substances

I had wisdom tooth surgery recently, and they prescribed me some pain medications. I didn’t really take any of them, because I didn’t need them. I ended up with a bunch of pain medication that I didn’t know what to do with. So I took moody photos of them.

If you click through, this image is appropriately sized for a Facebook cover photo.

About the Poster: The photographs were taken by me using a Nikon D80 camera with a Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D Standard Lens and edited using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.