The Punniest Girl in the World

Today’s poster is not so much a poster as a terrible pun that popped into my head due to too much fandom. Sorry for the lack of legitimate poster-making.

I’m considering taking a hiatus on this blog to a) work on some longer form poster projects and b) work on some of my other summer projects. Like my internship that I’m starting in a week. Or my thesis, which I am simultaneously excited about and dreading.

I might change my mind tomorrow, though so no guarantees. Otherwise sparse updating coming your way.

About the Poster: The first image is from Wikimedia Commons. The second is a promotional picture for the BBC show Sherlock. I have no rights to that. The font is Goudy Bookletter 1911, distributed by The League of Moveable Type.


The Lonely King

Like I said here, I finally got around to trying to figure out a wallpaper version of this. I changed the color scheme and the photo style a little bit too.

Disclaimer: The image is a screenshot from the BBC show Sherlock. I have no rights to it.

About the Poster: The typefaces are, once again, Times New Roman and Helvetica Neue.

The Lady Violet

EDIT: I’ve gotten some crap from my friends on my spelling of “drole.” It isn’t French elitism, I swear. I just really hate the English spelling so I choose not to use it.

Sorry for the lateness. I was watching Downton Abbey with my mommy. Anyways, a Downton inspired post for today. The Dowager Countess is sometimes the best.

Disclaimer: The image is from a screenshot from Downton Abbey. I have no rights to it.

About the Poster: The typeface is Helvetica Neue.