Man Machine

Finally getting back to academia readings with some cyborg theory.

About the Poster: The typeface is Helvetica Neue. The image is from Wikimedia Commons.


Quotables: Lauren Berlant

I left my copy of Cruel Optimism at school. I am mourning by making a poster out of a quote. Does this quote make sense out of context? Maybe the better question would be, does this quote make sense in context? The answer to both questions may or may not be “no.”

Doesn’t matter. She’s still amazing.

About the Poster: The typeface is Ostrich Sans.

The Moriarty Dance

So I am in the middle of this moment where I can’t tell if I just want to make gifs all day, or if I just can’t think of any poster inspiration. I don’t know if I need to just sit down and brainstorm about posters, or just veg out and not think about posters until inspiration strikes. Oh well, another gif today.


Disclaimer: The images for these gifs are screenshots from Sherlock, the BBC show. I don’t really have any rights to it.

About the Typeface: Helvetica Neue has become my default lazy typeface. But also, isn’t Helvetica just the typeface of memes though?